What is Matched Sports Betting?

Matched sports betting goes by several names, including “double betting” and “back” or “lay bet matching.” Some claim that this method is risk-free, and if you completely know what you are doing, it is about as close as you can get to risk-free in the gambling world. Theoretically, matched sports betting allows you to cover for yourself by betting both for and against the same bet.

Bonus Bets

Users of this technique normally do take advantage of incentives and free bets that bookmakers sometimes offer to those who normally place the bet. For example, some sports betting companies may offer a free bet when you complete your first wager. They do this in order to gain new clients and also do promotion to their sites, and for those who know how to work the system, you can really use it to your advantage.

To do so, you’ll need an account with two or more bookkeepers, or several betting exchanges, at least one of which offers a free bet. This way, you can at times hedge your bet with the other bookmakers or betting exchanges with the free bet.

Matched Sports Betting

Matched sports betting is completely legal, and not even always frowned upon by the industry. Most bookmakers have the controls in place that will monitor individuals who try to game the system, which is what matched better is essentially doing. Some even have reputation management systems in place that will monitor users who have signed up with several different bookmakers. Once they have identified someone using this method, they usually will place restrictions that prevent them from placing large bets, and they can even be banned.  Here is a video that goes into more detail on matched sports betting.


Returns for matched sports betting are generally said to be around 85 percent of the amount of the free bet offer, and 70 percent or so of the amount when the stake is not returned. In order to fully take advantage of the limited risks this system has to offer, you really need to know what you are doing. It is always advised to start small while you get to know the system and how it works. You should also always make sure to do your homework, which can be especially helpful when you are betting on sports. If you know your teams and know your odds, you’re going to have more luck than in a game of Blackjack. Doing your research, combined with the right mathematical knowledge, can enable you to make some serious bucks.